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The Nika Riots Release Hard-Hitting Debut Album "Derelict"

«Derelict» is the debut album of the Norwegian metal band The Nika Riots. A hard-hitting, though dynamic album consisting of 11 songs. Aggressive, but vulnerable. Ordinary, but surprising and rich with details. And even though the main focus is on metal/hardcore in terms of genre, it is not always where the inspirations lay - even on the hardest parts.

All the songs should be able to stand out by themselves, at the same time as they should all be able to be unified as one.

«Derelict» is a story about the human race in decay, both at the macro and micro level. Everything from depression and lovesickness to Norwegian arrogance

and global warming are some of the lyrical themes that vocalist Christopher Iversen has

emphasized, which also compliments the music.

«Derelict» is done with 99% DIY spirit - recorded at the band's own rehearsal room.

Produced and mixed by guitarist and songwriter Jørgen Sporsheim, and mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music.

The band has previously released the EP «Set Fire» (2018) and the single «Nine Meals From Anarchy» (2019).

«Derelict» is out now on all streaming platforms via Mas-Kina Recordings.

Listen on your preferred streaming platform HERE

The album have already received praise from the press;

«I’m really trying to find something to criticize, as the top score should be hard to achieve,

but this is composition and execution on an extremely high level. ... this is by far the best

album in this genre I have ever heard and it’s extra gratifying that it’s Norwegian.»

(6/6) - Norway Rock Magazine

«Derelict hits a nerve, it’s modern and classic at the same time, almost timeless, it feels like it’s everywhere and nowhere all at once.»

(9/10) - Demonic-Nights

«The perfect mix of...everything?! Genre crossover is and remains daring ventures, but the

Nika Riots from Norway manage to make the exception to the rule: This mixture is simply too good to be true.»

(9/10) -

«The Nika Riots demonstrate a deft grasp of songwriting sophistication that is far better than a band on their first album has any right to pull off. The Nika Riots have put out a killer album on their first attempt without breaking a sweat.»

(4/5) - Metal Epidemic

«The music itself is simultaneously textured, divine, and unrelenting and with Derelict, The Nika Riots has delivered a debut record that’s definitely demanding of your attention.»

- Rock and Roll Fables

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