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Photo: Anine Desire

Oslo-based Halcyon Days has through great releases and their reputation for solid live shows established themselves as one of Norway's leading suppliers of modern metal.
The current streaming figures have long since reached seven figures, and the superlatives from critics and the general public are increasing with every release.
Bookings at key European festivals such as Summer Breeze Open Air and Reeperbahn testify that the big foreign countries are also opening their eyes to the energetic quartet.

On stage, Halcyon Days delivers with infectious intensity and an explosive energy that immediately justifies the aforementioned superlatives.
The expression is unmistakably modern, heavy and melodic with atmospheric layers that send thoughts in the direction of greats such as Architects and While She Sleeps.
It all comes with a commanding conviction that just has to be witnessed

Vocals│Robbe Madsen
Guitar│André Sørensen
Bass│Steffen Johansen
Drums│Eirik Løvås Bjerke

Label: Indie Recordings


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