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Photo: Joakim Riise

FIGHTS serves fast, fun and aggressive punk with scandirock, hardcore and a tiny splash of boogie.
There is a strong sense of community and energy present within FIGHTS and their music.
This becomes even clearer through both the togetherness and frenzy of their live shows.
The type where you would walk away both wrecked and elated in equal measures!


“I love the energy of this track!”

- Nina Gjertsen NRK P3 on Serenity Now

“God, how boring punk and scandirock would be if you could not sing shamelessly about things like day drinking”
- Sjur Systad Tysen NRK P3
on Moonshine’s “Best Now” listing on Norwegian National Radio

Eleven Most Anticipated New Acts 2021 by NRK P3


“‘Asbestos High’ is damn catchy and easily makes you feel like banging your head, this band has just the right attitude to deliver.” - Tuonela Magazine

“‘Five AM’ destroys with kindness and irreverent anarchical attitudes. The head bop, you cuss, and at the end of the day, that hooky riff from the song, hits you where your future children will be created.”
- Come Here Floyd

"We Got This" - C-listed on NRK P3, July - October 2023

Vocals│Sivert Moe
Guitar│Markus Uttisrud
Guitar│Jørgen Lundstad Sparre-Enger 
Bass│Robbe Madsen
Drums │Eirik Langva Lie


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