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Photo: Birgit Fostervold

Rock from the south of Norway with obvious concentration problems, significant learning difficulties, and way too many special needs. 


The title of the band’s first album, “4Chan-MethRock,” made no sense whatsoever, except to indicate that the Vågsbygd boys spent far too much time on the internet and could have benefited from closer supervision at home. None of which happened. The album however is excellent. Correction; it's perfect.


The follow-up, “LGBT-ADHD-MDMA,” (written in childish all-caps) at least gave the genre “Toilet Rock” some masked faces to hang its filthy hat on. Despite its extremely uncooperative title it was, yet again, the number one album of the year. As should be clear by now , Chemtrails Oslo excels in all aspects of life and music, except for language use and potential cognitive tests, where they would naturally score low. Real low.


In 2024, the band’s third full-length album is on the way, along with festival performances at Åleråkk, Løddepønk, and Helsinki Must be Destroyed. They will also be headlining Weltturbojugendtage in Hamburg in August - praying not to get fucked by sexy sailors with vinyl addictions in the St. Pauli district.  

The album has yet to receive a title, but it can safely be assumed that despite their best efforts it's gonna be yet another nonsensical and incoherent affair. In stark contrast to its perfect content. Album of the year? Yes.


During Chemtrail Oslo's short lifespan, the band has shared the stage with bands like The Dogs, Bokassa, and hardcore legends Discharge, and has been seen at the Øyafestivalen Club Program. Yes, they are a busy bunch. All singles from “LGBT-ADHD-MDMA” have received airtime on NRK P13, and has-beens like Joddski (Tungtvann) and Thomas Seltzer (Turbonegro) have given their thumbs up to the band. The band has chosen to bask in this aging glory and is reportedly very pleased with their own efforts.


Chemtrails Oslo don't own a car and only one of them is homeless. None of them carry knives. They are still not allowed.



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