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Relentless Booking is an artist booking agency founded in 2012, located in Oslo, Norway.

We represent some of Oslo’s most exciting upcoming rock, hardcore and metal bands.


Relentless also offer promotional services, content creation for social media and live events, as well as video and podcast editing. All services are available for everyone.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you are in need of any of our services, or want to book/hear more about our artists.


Relentless booking has 20 years of experience in the Norwegian hardcore/metal scene.
This experience has resulted in an extensive network in Norway, and Relentless can help you and your band to expand your own network as well.
We of course book concerts and festivals for our signed bands and promote them through podcast, social media and radio appearances, but we also offer promotional services for all unsigned bands or projects releases.
We have done promotional services for bands like Bokassa, Oslo Ess, Extol, Gåte, Blomst, Pil & Bue, Kampfar and more. 
Contact us to get more info about our PR services or quote for your single EP, or album release.

Relentless can also assist with booking talented photographers, graphic designers and musicians, as well as exiting studios, venues and labels. 

Being signed by a small agency comes with several perks as Relentless booking has the time, capacity and passion to see each individual band and help them plan out strategies for their growth.


200220 HALCYON DAYS Vulkan-29.jpeg

Image courtesy of Frode Menes



Everyone can get in contact to purchase cheap and simplified content creation services.

Available services:


- Event poster designs

- Content for social media (banners, stories, posts, highlights)

- Video editing (music videos etc)
- Backdrop video for stage screens (1 track to full set)

- Sticker design

- Band logo design

- Podcast editing

- Merchandise design

See our portfolio to browse earlier projects.

Relentless has tight ties to educated artists as well-If your band are on the lookout for high-end and customized artwork, Relentless can get you in touch with talented photographers, videographers and graphic designers.

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