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Photo: Thomas Moe Ellefsrud We are delighted to announce the signing of the Norwegian Grammy Nominated doom metallers DWAAL! Dwaal from Oslo, Norway plays ultra heavy, atmospheric sludge, doom, post-metal or whatever you might like to call it. Their dense wall of sound fluctuates between aggressive, suffocating, melancholic and hypnotizing, and could be compared to bands like Amenra, Neurosis or Cult of Luna. Since their formation in 2014, they've released two critically acclaimed full length albums via Dark Essence Records, as well as a self published EP. Their latest effort, "Never Enough", is an emotionally laden primal scream which was released in September of 2023 and earned the band a nomination for the Norwegian Grammy awards - Spellemannprisen.  Over the years, Dwaal has gradually increased their intensity and gained a reputation as a formidable and captivating live act, with crushing energy and a knack for dark, oppressive atmospheres. They've performed at by:Larm, Inferno Festival, Høstsabbat, Mystic Festival, Tallinn Music Week, and a number of other festivals and happenings in and outside of Norway. Now they're looking forward to working together with Relentless Booking to spread their gloomy gospel further into the world. LISTEN:

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