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Photo: Anine Desire

MAKTKAMP is a hard rock band that wields the musical sword ruthlessly towards that which is worthy of criticism. The band plays powerful and power critical hard rock with elements of punk, and thematically sings about unreasonable profiteering to harmful propheteering, hoping to make the world a better place.


The band har just released its debut album “I Affekt” (In Affect) on January 21st, and is waiting to get the record on the road with concerts lined up in Tromsø, Fredrikstad and Oslo. In its short time in the music scene, MAKTKAMP has already played at the Oslo stages Vaterland, Blitz og Sub Scene, and Seb’s Hotel in Hamar. The story has just begun…


MAKTKAMP came to be when its three North-Norwegian sons, Kjetil Elverum (vocal), Kristian Leonhardsen (guitar) and Sigbjørn Foss (drums), realised that it was time to create something big together after doing their own thing for many years. When recording their debut-EP in Red Line Studio, they recruited studio technician Marius Melleby (guitar) and his fellow inlands musician, Aleksander Melbye (bass). Together, they form the energy ensemble that MAKTKAMP has been, is, and shall be - to the better or the end of the world.

Vocal│Kjetil Elverum
Guitar│Kristian Leonhardsen
Guitar│ Marius Melleby
Bass│Aleksander Melbye
Drums│Sigbjørn Foss




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