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Oslo-based Damokles aren't very concerned with genre rules, but main sources of inspiration stem from emotional DIY post-hardcore and dystopian 80s post-punk. The debut album "Nights Come Alive" was released 2022 on Vinter Records, the follow-up “Swing, Pendulum, Swing” is due out autumn 2023, also on Vinter. The band is currently working on their 3rd album, which sees them further mutating their sound. Thematically, Damokles touches upon the thin veil that rests inbetween civilization and complete structural meltdown, conveying doomsaying existentialist feelbad vibes, as well as bizarre mischief and cathartic fury. Members from bands and projects such as This Sect, Kite, Dunderbeist, Contrarian, Stonegard, ZAP, Endtimers. 


Sounds like sludgy '90s post-hardcore with a heavy The Cure influence.

- Brooklyn Vegan (US)


Harsh like a habit and sonically larger than life, Damokles makes the album like a live show with the angst and anger reflecting the mood of today. Breaking the mold, and then pissing on the pieces, Damokles are the new ‘holy shit’ of the hardcore scene. Recorded with just enough melody and harmony so your girlfriend doesn’t run out of the car.

- Jammerzine (UK)


Hvis Damokles var en film så ville de kanskje vært Trainspotting sett gjennom øynene til Denis Villeneuve eller Dark City satt i et univers av Lars Von Trier. Som lytter lar jeg meg rive med av bandet og den sjelen de legger inn i verket sitt, og låtene fremføres med en intensitet som undertegnede setter stor pris på. Her er giftige hooks, kreativ galskap og musikalsk inspirasjon nok til å sette bandet på kartet for de aller, aller fleste av oss! Årets beste musikalske plateslipp så langt for undertegnede.

- Disharmoni


Because of the many surprising twists, swivels and turns on this album, it might leave you a bit giddy after the first listen. After repeated listens I am sure you will, as me, be humming along with the songs and also catch yourself humming the melodies even when not playing the album as there are enough captivating melodies here to create persistent ear worms.

- Veil of Sound (DK)


Once ‘Nights Come Alive’ gets underway, it immediately gives the impression of a band having strained at the leash for too long, given the wave of emotions that pour out and with only the ventilation holes of its ten-track playlist offering an outlet to do so. No matter, as the short, sharp bursts of post-punk, mixed with indie-rock and emotional 90s post-hardcore provide ample coverage to what lies at the heart of this Oslo-based five piece, which may not always be easily decipherable, but makes it even more fascinating and worthy of repeat visits. Cryptic tales abound therefore, but there are signs pointing to feelings associated with alienation, boredom, and despair. 

- Famous Last Words Records (UK)

Vocal│Gøran Karlsvik
Guitar│Ronny Flissundet
Guitar | Fredrik Ryberg
Bass│Kristian Liljan
Drums│John Birkeland.


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