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Photo: Martin Skage Møhlen Bakken 

More Scandirock in the monitor! Excited to finally announce the signing of Stavanger Scandirockers You Know Who! As Turbonegro commented on their single 'She's A 10'; «Amen to that, Stavanger boyz!» In a time of mindfulness, horoscopes, spiritualism, and progression on the rise, You Know Who has chosen regression. They’ve gone back to the place where it all started. The old, sweat filled and cold garage rehearsal room from the band’s youth. Trying to discover why the hell they ever started playing in bands and throwing away all their money, all the time. You Know Who dives headfirst into the Scandinavian rock wave from the 90’s, combining it with elements from the Detroit rock scene in the 70’s, while drinking the sacred brew and turning their amps “one louder” than everyone else. You Know Who returns somewhat wiser and wants to offer an honest product for the average worker. Something that’s suitable to crack open a cold one to, after a long week working for “the man”. 

You Know Who might resemble what Cro-Mags would have been, if Cro-Mags had at better upbringing. Minor Threat, if Minor Threat drank beer, and Burzum if he had attended anger management treatment. With this in mind, you know what to expect. You know who delivers it. And you know where it’s coming from. You Know Who! LISTEN:

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