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photo: Mads Halvorsen We are proud to present Norway's most rock oriented rapper and the latest addition to our roster; DAMIEN! With over twenty years of experience, albums, mixtapes and demos,Damien might just be your favorite rapper, you just don’t know it yet. 

Damien is a true punk rocker in the hip hop scene in the sense that nothing is sacred and that everything is allowed when it comes to making good music. 

Damien has around 20 million streams on his self produced and distributed music. 

He participated on "Stjernekamp" a norwegian TV show with 1 millionweekly viewers in 2023, and ended up on a 5th place. 

He has done warmups for legends such as Talib Kwali, Jurassic 5, Ghostface Killah and MF Doom. 

Damien performs with DJ IC Beats and guitarist Chris Marchand and can easily be described as a modern day Beastie Boys act.


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