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Worship joins the party!

photo: Eric Sharma The Oslo-based rock quartet Worship joins the Relentless family!

Worship is specializing in angry screams, everything loud and still keeping things sexy and fun. A gig with Worship is a party with Worship. Worship enjoys the finer things in life, like rock music in the vein of Dinosaur Jr., Black Flag, Dead Kennedys, Weezer, Foo Fighters, ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead, Jawbreaker, Idles, Gluecifer, Queens Of The Stone Age, Metz, Cloud Nothings, Touché Amoré and Fugazi. Oh, and pizza.

Worship is:

Eirik Befring - bass, backing vocals

Eric Sharma- lead vocals, guitar

Jørn Brekke - guitar, backing vocals

Kikken Vegsund - drums

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