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The hard rockers MAKTKAMP joins the Relentless family!

Photo: Anine Desire MAKTKAMP have set new fire to the Norwegian hard rock/hardcore scene as they released their debut album ‘I Affekt’ on January 21st. Their melodical and energetic sonic landscapes have been well received among critics, with Scandinavias largest music magazine, Gaffa, among the praisers of the album.

The record was recorded and produced by the band itself at Red Line Studio in Oslo, mixed by guitarist Marius Melleby and mastered by Ruben Willem (Caliban studio). The artwork has been hand drawn by cartoon artist Sigbjørn Lilleeng, and adorns a batch of vinyl records which are about to sell out, just two weeks after release.

On a live stage, MAKTKAMP is an explosion. The energy from the band surges through the audience, and manifests through their front man, who conquers the room with his vivid presence. The band has since it’s start in 2020 already played a string of concerts around their base in Oslo. Post-release concerts for February and March have also been booked along the east coast of Norway. However, the band is extremely hungry for gigs and is currently looking to extend their current tour by playing at club venues and festivals for the remainder of 2022.

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