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We are really happy to announce that The Nika Riots have joined the RELENTLESS roster!

Photo: Jøran Normann

The Nika Riots from Oslo, Norway, recorded their first EP "Set Fire", made two music videos and signed a record deal even before their first concert. The members have a history from bands like Man the Machetes, Carnival Kids and Torch. Metal with an hardcore attitude. Screamo, vocal harmonies and guitar riffs full of details and groovy, tight drums – that’s the Nika Riots. The band released the single "Nine Meals From Anarchy" with accompanying music video in the summer of 2018, before playing at festivals such as Øya Festivalen and Harpefoss Hardcore Festival. The band has also shared the stage with bands such as Sibiir and Black Debbath.

The Nika Riots spent 2020/2021 writing and recording their debut album «Derelict». The album consists of 11 aggressive, melodic and catchy songs, produced and recorded by the band themselves and mastered by the legend Alan Douches.

“Derelict” will be released through Mas-Kina Recordings in the spring of 2022.

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