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New Summer Double-Single From Chemtrails Oslo

art: Siggy Starfish Chemtrails Oslo release yet anoother double-single today Shark Attack / Okay I'll Do It The band's guitarist Bælle states; Chemtrails Oslo will soon release a new album.

The wait is shortened by the release of two new songs, released on Vågsbygd Records. We compare Shark Attack with "Sofie's choice", not only purely artistically, but also the difficult choice you have to make when the shark comes; shall I choose eternal torment or freedom. "Okay, I'll Do It" is a pure love song - another love song from Chemtrails Oslo, if you will. For how far are we willing to reach for love? Pretty far, it turns out. Walk with God, as they say here in Vågsbygd. Sincerely, Chemtrails Oslo.

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