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Photo: Necrolust Production Extreme metal act Messier 16 joins the Relentless roster! The band will release their new album in 2023! Messier 16 is an Oslo-based progressive black metal band, founded in 2017 by Jonas Ulrik Eide. The band kicks restlessly between the realms of melancholy and catharsis, and delivers focused, yet wild extreme metal. The band draws inspiration from a wide array of artistic output, spanning from Steve Reich to Emperor, and from Opeth to Stravinsky - embedding this into a journey of conceptual extremities. Their music is fast and atmospheric, desperate and hopeful - a testament to their artistic passion. Their debut album “iota” was released in 2021, met with great reviews, to name a few: “... The albums lyrics about guild, anxiety and the future are often just as heavy as the riffs on tracks like iota and Sigma.” - 7/10 from Metal Hammer UK “Powerful, atmospheric and aggressive, the track balances the various elements that make up extreme metal flawlessly.” - Metal Injection “Messier 16 have created an absolute monster album!” - 9,5/10 from Jace Media

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