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NEW ARTIST: TwoMinutesHate

photo: Yann Belov Very happy to announce the signing of fresh up-and-coming punk-rock outfit TwoMinutesHate! ABOUT: The up-and-coming Norwegian pop punk quartet TwoMinutesHate show up armed to the teeth, with catchy melodies that penetrate your skull! Showing clear signs of having spent the last few decades with Blink 182 on the bedroom walls and NOFX in the Discman, your future favourite band was conceived right before the pandemic broke out. After a debut EP laden with catchy pop punk bangers, earning them a respectable amount of air time on one of the bigger Norwegian radio stations, NRK P13, as well as earning a spot on the soundtrack for one of the biggest comedy productions in Norway last year, Jentetur, the band is now storming any stage within their reach and solidifying their newly earned reputation as an explosive live band!

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