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photo: John-Halvdan Halvorsen We are delighted to announce the signing of alternative pop-rock quintet KitFai! Be sure to give their latest album “Ways of Letting Go” a spin KitFai brings out their guitars and drums, the whole shebang, but lands safely on the melodic side of the rock scene. The big soundscapes, the catchy choruses and melancholic undertones are clearly inspired by modern nordic pop as well as indie- and alternative rock.

KitFai was conceived in 2013, and it’s members was inspired by the music they grew up with in the early 2000s. They released their first album, The Things You Left Us, in 2018. Some of the tracks on this album was listed on several Nowegian radio stations, and was featured in the «New Music Friday»-playlist on Spotify. KitFai has previously released an EP and two stand alone singles, one of which was featured on the TV-series Unge Lovende by the Norwegian national broadcaster, NRK.

Members of KitFai has also played in bands like Leprous, Shevils, Over the Trees, Psyence Fiction and Gribbene.

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