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photo by: Alex Ovalle We are delighted to announce our latest signing Damokles; The highly productive and experienced post-hardcore outfit with members from bands and projects such as This Sect, Kite, Dunderbeist, Contrarian, Stonegard, ZAP, Endtimers. Oslo-based Damokles aren't very concerned with genre rules, but main sources of inspiration stem from emotional DIY post-hardcore and dystopian 80s post-punk. The debut album "Nights Come Alive" was released 2022 on Vinter Records, the follow-up “Swing, Pendulum, Swing” is due out autumn 2023, also on Vinter. The band is currently working on their 3rd album, which sees them further mutating their sound. Thematically, Damokles touches upon the thin veil that rests inbetween civilization and complete structural meltdown, conveying doomsaying existentialist feelbad vibes, as well as bizarre mischief and cathartic fury.

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