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Double release Friday; MAKTKAMP and TwoMinutesHate

Double release friday!

MAKTKAMP and TwoMinutesHate out with new banger singles today!

An homage to the kind of friendships that come with a spare key, Operator, Take Me Home combines furiously fast skate punk riffs with a sing-along chorus for pure pop punk perfection!

With obvious nods to bands like NOFX and blink-182, TwoMinutesHate will touch a nostalgic nerve with many a poppunker. Yet due to their gritty edge mixed with a sincere vulnerability they manage to be a breath of fresh air in the genre!

So come on in, kick off your Vans and crack open a cold one. This couch can fit one more!

"Alko" Is the last single from MAKTKAMP's upcoming album "Caps Lock Woke Rock" that will release 21. April. Head over to to pre-order vinyl and tickets to the bands releaseshow at John Dee, Oslo 13. May with the amazing Hypermass.

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