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artwork: Siggy Starfish

Norwegian rock has been silent for a long time!

The Good The Bad & The Zugly have taken the genre “scandi rock” further, but it was invented in the nineties by The Hellacopters. Deathpunk was created by Turbonegro 30 years ago.

But the genre-crossing southern gang in Chemtrails Oslo has managed the feat that no Norwegian artists have done this millennium - to create two completely different new styles within rock.

The title of the band's first album "4Chan-MethRock" also described an innovative new genre

and with their forthcoming album "LGBT-ADHD-MDMA", the four young lads from Vågsbygd have this time managed to create "Toilet Rock" to the delight and anger of many.

In its short lifetime, the band has shared the stage with bands such as The Dogs, Bokassa and Murder Maids, as well as being seen at Øyafestivalen's Club Program in 2022.

All the single releases from "LGBT-ADHD-MDMA" have received radio time on NRK P13

and artists such as Joddski and Thomas Seltzer themselves have boasted of the band's filth

The world is now at Chemtrails Oslo's feet.

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