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Album Out Now; Dudes - Eternal is the Fruit


Through a thousand catchy riffs with clear references to The Hives and Turbonegro, Dudes brings the action-rock back. More is more, and Dudes is bigger and as integral as ever before. With elegance, Dudes has unintentionally avoided crying on your favorite talk show, habitual flattery in music business and recycling the Big four. A fruity flavor of pure flesh will tingle your tympanic membrane when you hear Dudes’ new album Eternal is the Fruit. The Age of Arena Rock is now! Listen to the album here: FFO: Turbonegro, The Hellacopters, The Hives, The Good The Bad & The Zugly ABOUT THE ALBUM:

Eternal is the Fruit.

Since their previous album, Mind Control, which was a banger showing Dudes’ return to the Scandirock scene, the band with their new album explores the profanity by mixing the expected with the unexpected. With special guests such as Kristopher Schau (The Dogs) Gildas le Pape's (ex Satyricon/Hot Club de Norvège), you will most certainly enjoy Dudes' new album.

With their first single from the album, 241, you get the quality of two immensely forceful tunes for the price of one.

It also explores the possibility of having ADHD, without even knowing or accepting it.

With the second track on the album, Dudes proves the intensity and beefiness of their songwriting by communicating the uncommunicative.

The Slayer Hippie (Poison Idea) unknowingly and hopelessly introduces the band's second single and the fourth track on the album, with Horns straight out the fjord of Tomre, adding layers of fueling brass to the grueling bass.

Seven Seagulls

What does a stand-off with a seagull sound like? Surprisingly unpleasant, but not as grim as the stand-off with seven of them. When you hear Nicolai's lyrics on this one, you know what we mean.

Crimson Nectar, the homage to the deep red potion savored by man throughout the ages, illustrates the quirkiness and the complexity of the said beverage. This intense tune, also depicted as the scarlet torrent, has even resulted in the birth of the album title: Eternal Is the Fruit.

With the track No Trouble, a true crossover between the wonky and the grandiloquently, you can imagine the feeling of a seafarer's complacency when leaving all trouble behind.

With the second last track on the album, Waterpark, Dudes together with Gildas' guitar solo give you that childhood feeling of going down the biggest slide with pumping adrenalin.

The intensity of the album cumulates in the last track on the album, Situation. With Nicolai's intense lead vocal and Kristopher's rough backing vocals, combined with riffs as hard as tungsten and guitar solos sounding like something that could be written by your psychiatrist’s heaviest patient, Dudes cannot help you - you got a situation.

Photo: Simen Falck Evensen


Nicolai Codling – Vocals

Jonas Falck Evensen - Guitar/Backing Vocals

Tore Krohg-Sørensen - Guitar/Backing Vocals

Robin Gaarder Reese - Bass/Backing Vocals

Håvard Bakk - Drums/Backing Vocals


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