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Photo: Jon Vu-Yen Nguyen

Delighted to welcome Metal quintet Hypermass from Trondheim to Relentless! The band released their massive record "Empyrean" earlier this year that was praised by media; "This album was pure joy to listen to, Norwegian metal just got a new heavyweight" 6/6 - Stavanger Aftenblad

“Empyrean is yet another killer evolution for a promising group.”

- Metal Injection

“HYPERMASS have returned with a vengeance on “Empyrean.” The album features vigorous and hefty Melodic Death Metal songs steep in the history of the genre, but with modern features. They know how to build strong choruses amidst the lawlessness of the heavier elements, and the album is chocked full of unbridled energy.”


“A gargantuan debut album, Hypermass are going to turn some heads with this one.”


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