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Double artist release day with two awesome and very different genre styled additions to our already lovely roster! We welcome the power pop-punk quartet Fashion Victims and the slamming witch-punkers in Häxer!

Fashion Victims delivers catchy power pop/pop-punk songs. "The young rockers in Fashion Victims play music that makes you want to jump around the living room, gain speed, and bang your head and body against the wall in pure euphoria". They have opened for bands such as Oslo Ess and The Needs, and played festivals as Trondheim Calling, Bygdalarm, Eggstockfestival, & Kristiania Live

photo: Storken Media Listen:

Häxer is Witch Punk from Telemark, Norway. The band is characterized by aggressive social criticism shouted out so loudly that it feels both good and painful. It all creates an oppressive yet unifying aggression towards an unwanted realism.

Häxer released their first EP on January 13, 2024. It consists of 4 har-hitting songs with witch punk, encompassing both the ugly and beautiful, the painful and good! photo: Peter Larsen


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