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HAMMOK (alumni artist)


Photo: Ole Martin Andreassen

Hammok's music can be defined as alternative and aggressive, and the band categorizes themselves within hardcore.
In addition, the band draws a lot of inspiration from post punk, indie, post rock and metal, all of which they have adored for an eternity.
Placing your own sound within a certain genre can be difficult and feels limiting, but for Hammok this only offers opportunities. It allows them to look at the others within the genre and get inspiration, but also find patterns and rules that they can break and challenge.
Why not get attitude from hip hop or replace guitar with synth?
Why not use autotune and run a riff backwards, when we have the tools to do so?
These are thoughts the band has when they write and produce their songs, a process that for Hammok goes hand in hand.

In 2022 Hammok made the finals for NRK P3's "Årets Urørt" (Band of the Year) along with festival jobs at By:Larm, Øyafestivalen and Vill Vill Vest


Vocals, Guitar │Tobias Osland

Bass │ Ole Benjamin Thomassen

Drums │Ferdinand Aasheim

Label: Renoir Records


tinywow_This Will Not Last PT2 Final 3000_18718632.jpeg


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